The office is where the heart is

Our Gavin King, director at SpaceInvader, explains how businesses can design their offices with well-being at their heart to foster worker satisfaction and productivity.

The traditional workplace has undergone a huge transformation in recent years. Advances in technology have made it possible for employees to work from anywhere they choose, but this poses a challenge to employers, with the lines between domestic and professional spaces becoming increasingly blurred. It is important for businesses to switch on to the benefits of enhanced and custom-designed office space to support this new style of working, in order to can boost employee well-being, satisfaction and productivity.

At SpaceInvader, well-being lies at the core of all of our projects. As companies compete to attract top talent, having a unique and welcoming working environment can play a crucial role in recruiting and retaining staff. As work-life balance becomes more fluid than ever before, there is a growing trend for introducing domestic elements into traditional business environments. Be this through ornaments, cosy furnishings or more radical design features, introducing homely touches to your office could be key to fostering the well-being of your staff.

Recently, we worked in AstraZeneca to help them embody these principles in their own office. We helped redesign their state-of-the-art campus at Middlewood Court in Macclesfield, building our concept around the theory of biophilia – the belief that humans are healthiest in natural surroundings. We brought the outside in as much as possible, even incorporating a large, living wall, and delivered a truly innovative space for a forward-thinking client.

The power to work anywhere has forced people to reconsider office space design and we’re constantly creating flexible areas that promote different types of thinking. Providing dedicated spaces for informal meetings, collaborative work and quiet individual working, as well as areas for socialising and relaxing, helps to build a productive, happy workforce.