SpaceInvader designs new streetfood dining experience at intu Lakeside

SpaceInvader along with three of Extentia Group’s specialist brands - Styles&Wood, Ralph Capper and GDM, worked with the Market Halls team to deliver the 14,500sqft extension at intu Lakeside.

When we were initially approached by the client, they had a really strong idea of how they wanted the space to operate and function. Their vision for this unique concept and a first of its kind in the region, was to create a brand-new casual dining destination for intu Lakeside’s 20 million annual visitors.

The space needed to evoke the theatre and energy of street food from across the globe by housing a variety of local independent food and drinks operators from Essex and the South East, each with their own brand and presence.

Our approach was to create an industrial back drop to the entire space that was simple and functional and then layer this with the theatre and energy that you would find on a street full of open vendors. 

Vibrant colours, signage and strong messaging is prominent throughout the space with a central bar right at the heart of the floorplan. The lighting enhances the marketplace feel and the furniture invites you to enjoy different settings throughout the space. 

The informal and relaxed approach to the interior design complements the whole idea of The Hall and has proved to be a huge success. 

John Williams, Managing Director of SpaceInvader commented: “This is the first of several projects for this client each with their own unique design approach.  

By creating a simple warehouse backdrop and layering with colour, clever lighting and strong graphics, we have created a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere that is perfect for the street food culture. Less is definitely more on this project and it has been a great success. 

“This is an exciting new avenue for Market Halls, with The Hall providing a new and vibrant social dining option for the 20 million visitors to intu Lakeside every year. We were delighted to partner with Extentia Group who helped realize our vision for the space.” commented Simon Anderson, CCO of Market Halls. 

Image credit: Christopher Horwood