We believe that the best spaces are created by adopting an inclusive approach that puts the user at the heart.

By working collaboratively with our clients, we aim to challenge convention, translate ambition into design and develop spaces that work and inspire.

Interior Design

We translate insight into form, function and strategy, leading the field with our belief that ‘design happens with you, not to you’. As multiple award winners, 90% of our business is repeat, allowing us to achieve operational excellence.

Workplace Consultancy

Our unique participatory design process is grounded in insight and ties seamlessly into your business objectives. This pushes boundaries and creates environments that outperform your needs and expectations.

Change Management

Our approach prepares your people for the change to come. Communication and consultation are key and we work to ensure everyone is fully informed and engaged, providing educating on new working practices, mitigating unease and creating a sense of ownership and pride.

Experiential Design

Our mission is to create purposeful authentically branded spaces that inspire, enhance human experiences and drive productivity. By designing immersive environments that communicate compelling stories, we create spaces that engage and enhance, culture and collaboration.

Sustainable Design

We fundamentally believe in the importance of sustainability and will work with you to provide expert guidance to deliver beautiful designs that compliment your environmental policies, reduce operational costs and drive down environmental impact.


We create exceptional designs that bring your brand to life and deliver a clear and positive perception of your organisation. Engaging early to understand the essence of your company, we craft memorable identities which captivate target audiences and drive productivity.

Space Management

We’ve seen a rapid revolution in workplace mobility leading to new opportunities to develop design thinking. Our expert team understands there is no one size fits all and works collaboratively to deliver spaces that reflect your unique needs and requirements.

Building Information Modelling

We operate at the forefront of cutting-edge technology within our sector – and for good reason. Our expertise in BIM means we can highlight dramatic improvements in cost control and deliver fully co-ordinated projects in full.


Our CGI team bring our creative thinking to life through technology to create exceptionally detailed images, movies and 360 environments. We’ve built our reputation by blending responsive service with outstanding results, helping reduce risk and unwanted costs.

Virtual Reality

With the latest technology, our expert VR team can design, proof and analyse creative projects by transforming 3D designs into impressive, life-size, interactive experiences, so you can explore projects and fine-tune concepts, saving time and unnecessary costs.

Due Diligence

Our assessment services cover every aspect of building acquisition and leasing. With over 20 years’ experience, we can work alongside your in-house property team to fully understand your operational needs and translate these into a criteria to score each location.


Considering aesthetics, functionality, durability and budgets, we draw upon our extensive portfolio of local and global manufacturers to carefully curate pieces that perfectly complement your space, creating a seamless environment to inspire and motivate your people.


We help organisations understand that a workplace isn’t just a space where people work, it’s an environment that can enhance performance. Our design solutions answer the specific needs of each project while reflecting rapid advances taking place in the workplace today.

Hospitality & Leisure

Whether you’re a hotelier, developer or restaurateur our dedicated hospitality and leisure team will work with you to create truly unique and experiential interiors that will remain relevant and meet the needs of your target demographic.


We’re passionate about unlocking the full potential of your retail environment. Our highly-skilled retail interior design specialists create engaging spaces that reflect and reinforce your brand, driving customer engagement and ultimately profitability and productivity.


With over 20 years’ experience, working with some of the largest banks in the UK, we utilise knowledge of consumer behaviour, with branch format strategy, branch design and digital integration, to help our clients realise ambitions and enhance consumer experience.


Whether it’s HE, primary or secondary education, our expert designers work with institutions nationwide, designing world-class research buildings, including classrooms, lecture theatres, libraries and research facilities inspiring thinking and fostering creativity.