Qbic Hotel
Brussels, Belgium

We were appointed to create an identifiable Qbic Hotel for Brussels, inspired by its city of residence & lead by understanding Qbic’s already successful Brand & offering.

Understanding Qbic’s ethos of sustainability & adaptive reuse, we started the story by analysing what positives the current property had & which existing elements we could reuse. We had to ensure that the refurbished bedroom design connected with the standard Qbic product.

Location: Brussels

Status: Completed 2019

Sector: Hotel

Client: Qbic

Qbic Hotel

Pairing the brand ethos with a design inspired by it’s city of residence we took inspiration from the cartooned walls of Brussels to influence the base colour palette. Adding quirky elements throughout the design worked perfectly for both Qbic’s brand ‘Weird is Welcome’ and the Cities fun nature. Angled shapes inspired by the Pentagon Ring Road are also introduced to the furniture, accessories and lighting to ground the hotel and make it feel part of Brussels.

We designed a number of bespoke joinery items including; feature bar, bespoke cabin beds, furniture and adapting Qbic’s standard ‘Qbi Units’ to suit the existing hotel site, ensuring attention to detail throughout.