Headingley Stadium – Banqueting and Corporate Facilities

After a successful, competitive interior design bid, SpaceInvader worked as part of the wider design team led by Caddick Construction and in collaboration with DLA architects, to deliver a new corporate hospitality spaces within the North stand development at Headingley stadium.



“An outstanding facility on time and within budget.”


Headingley Stadium – Banqueting and Corporate Facilities

With high traffic bustling spaces, the key objectives were to ensure that design blended functionality, flexibility and aspiration, including using robust materials throughout and with the ability to reconfigure the space for conferences and events.

The interior design scheme blends honest, high-quality materials with clever detailing, explored through a reoccurring use of simple & considered bold forms. The palette fuses poured polished concrete flooring, oak parquet herringbone and textured broadloom carpets. This was complemented with solid oak joinery panelling layers against large format porcelain wall panels, concrete renders and textured wallpapers. All this was then softened with the use of textured furnishings and feature lighting.

The big design statements within the 500 plus seater Emerald suite included dual glazed elevations, offering views across each pitch, and bespoke ceiling intervention which combines fabric acoustic slats installed at opposing angles with over 250 individually hung pendant lights at staggered heights. The result is a high impact aesthetic and a space rich in materiality and warmth.

Buildability, Sustainability, Functionality

In tandem with the look & feel of the scheme, SpaceInvader also considered design approaches that offer true flexibility and adaptability of use. This responds to the multi-faceted usage of each interior space, in turn providing value for the many stakeholder groups.

Innovation through the clever use of AV allows spaces to be adapted and branded according to each specific event. Smaller details such as colour change LED lighting and flexible adaptable furniture to also support the ability to reconfigure spaces.The overall design ensures that spaces don’t just look good but feel good when in use. Each material application was considered for its ability to enhance acoustic quality and comfort.

The owners of each private Box had the opportunity to select an FF&E package that best suited their needs. A carefully curated family of products was selected by the team to ensure continuity of style and quality throughout. The mix of furniture styles across the 13 boxes included formal dining, high benches with stools and soft informal sofas and coffee tables.

Design Excellence

Sarah Dodsworth, Creative Director at SpaceInvader said:

“Hosting a myriad of sporting events is the very raison d’etre of Headingley stadium, and our team quickly understood the importance of this opportunity to create a centre of excellence for hospitality and events– the setting and the environment at Headingley are unparalleled”.

“The interior design of the corporate spaces within the new North stand has set a new benchmark standard of design quality coupled with World-class customer service at Headingley and beyond”.

Paul Caddick, Caddick Construction said:

“Pre-contract sketches and detailed specifications gave tradesmen a detailed brief of what was required which left no ambiguity in relation to the exacting standards that were needed. On behalf of the club, I am pleased to congratulate both Sarah and her organisation Spaceinvader for the outstanding job they have done.”

“Spaceinvader has designed and managed the interior design of the redevelopment of the Headingley Stadium delivering an outstanding facility on time and within budget. As a client, we had the benefit of seeing the completed project through computer-generated imagery which helped the decision-making process immensely on this complex multi-purpose facility.”