Castle Wharf
Chester Road, Manchester

SpaceInvader were appointed to design a scheme for new residential concept Castle Wharf to include a lobby, meeting spaces, gym and spa.

The goal was to create something in between suburban and city living – with on-site amenities for convenience and community, alongside all the benefits of being located in central Manchester.

Location: Manchester

Status: In Progress

Sector: Residential

Client: Renaker

Castle Wharf

Our target demographic (Gen Xer’s and Empty Nester’s) have an appreciation for quality, a high level of service and desire an energy enhancing experience. A hotel-like concierge opens up opportunity for resident care, accommodating their every need, to free up more time to enjoy life.

The development will push the boundaries of city living by providing striking facilities such as enviable fine dining spaces and meeting rooms, entertainment areas, independent coffee barista, boutique bar area and beautifully considered resident lounges perfect to work, relax or socialise.

A sense of locality and community is captured when greeted at Castle Wharf, providing that personal experience. The surrounding Castlefield Basin formed a large part of the concept – with its layers of waterways, railways and bridges; we embraced elements that are suspended and anchored with visible mechanisms. All of this underpinned by a sense of luxury, quality and comfort for a hotel-like experience.