Anchorage Building 2
Salford Quays

SpaceInvader was asked to bring a tired, overlooked atrium at Salford Quay's iconic Anchorage building back to life.

Anchorage Salford Quays, is a thriving international business destination, strategically located via multi-modal connections to many leading cities across the world.

SpaceInvader - Anchorage Building Atrium Space
SpaceInvader: Anchorage Building 2 Atrium, Salford Quays

Adam Durrant, Associate at SpaceInvader Design Ltd,
Anchorage Building 2

The client wanted to transform an underutilised atrium space that housed various retail units that was used only as a cut through for pedestrian traffic.

The aim was to create a destination within the building by providing the space for tenants to dwell. The space within the atrium was vast so we needed to humanise the surroundings and create more intimate zones that could be used for both work and play.

By re-purposing the space we made better use of its light and airy volume, integrating relevant amenity and creating a warm palette of materials has resulted in a new lease of life for this well-known building.

Being mindful of the budget, we kept the main elements of the transformation to the lower levels where it would have the most impact. Acoustic panelling lines the walls to help manage the acoustics whilst the landscape of furniture breaks the space down into more consumable areas that respond to the exacting needs of the user.

paceInvader: Anchorage Building 2 Atrium, Salford Quays