In the press – Albert’s Didsbury

There has been a definite buzz around Albert's Didsbury over recent weeks, with a SBID award under its belt and a shortlist in the UK colour category for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards alongside a few mentions in the press.

SpaceInvader designed a new, refreshed modern look and feel to mark the 10 year anniversary of Albert’s Didsbury. The client also wanted to increase the draw to the bar and enhance the alfresco dining experience.

Re-planning the interior increased the bar to incorporate bespoke booth joinery for casual dining and cocktails, while banquette seating and party tables created flexibility and maximised the restaurant dining. A sophisticated 15th Century undertone; love of symmetry, geometric patterns, colour green and encaustic tiles formed the concept alongside a nod and a wink to Uncle Albert’s original tool shed.

An earthy palette of green, brown, gold and bronze mirror create a warm and inviting environment with the introduction of planting to add softness, bringing the outside in. Within a dark space the palette and lighting create a brighter more welcoming environment whilst still feeling warm and luxurious, acoustic finishes help provide the perfect dining atmosphere.

"SpaceInvader are always ahead of the curve in terms of fashion and trends. It’s one of their strong points. They’ve always got some really cool ideas and they’ll sit and scratch heads with you."

Sarah Ramsbottom, Elle R Leisure

It’s been great to see the project featured in the press over the past few weeks – we’ve created a roundup of these articles featuring more design detail and visuals which you can view at the links below: