First Look: Eden

Welcome to Eden 🌱

One of the UK's most environmentally friendly office buildings featuring Europe's biggest green wall, net zero carbon operation and rainwater harvesting is soon to open in central Manchester. When offered the opportunity to design an interior scheme for this highly sustainable building we jumped at the chance, using our extensive knowledge of designing sustainably and pushing the boundaries of what else we could achieve. The result is a bustling social hub that reaches out to the local community with areas for wellness, designed with a selection of reclaimed, low VOC and researched carbon conscious materials.

The tubular ceiling sculpture celebrates art and adds drama and scale to the space upon entry or whilst just walking past. It is created from re-purposed cardboard tubes, embraces biophilia and uses low energy lighting. The space promotes wellness through physical environments such as a contemplation room and yoga studio, and the cafe will celebrate local produce and sustainable products for purchase.