SpaceInvader is an interior design consultancy with a single-minded purpose; to transform the way organisations use space and motivate people through their environment.

We’re dedicated to creating spaces which fulfil their true potential, while unlocking the power to enhance human behaviour.

Our story

When we started up, there were plenty of architects and contractors doing interior design; but we were different.

Over the last 10 years we have evolved and perfected our service to offer high levels of creativity and innovation with a responsive turnaround. All this backed up by thorough research, adherence to architectural principles and fastidious attention to detail.

We’re approachable, friendly, high-energy and enthusiastic. We’re total creatives, and we follow the RIBA process. Our curiosity enables us to challenge and bring about cultural and behavioural change in the workplace.

We’re interior designers, pure and simple and we’re very proud of who we are and what we do.

We are experts at what we do

We have a strong internal culture and methodology that knows who it is, what it does – and how. We have real commercial understanding and employ a mix of creativity, logic, and technical detail in our work.

Our offering goes beyond interior design, and is made up of the key fundamentals demonstrated below. We’re not only creative – we think strategically and consider the wider process and business as a whole.